Remove Eyelash Extensions Carefully

Remove Eyelash Extensions Carefully

Eyelash Extensions are so in trend. Every woman that we know is loving the idea of making their eyelashes look fuller and thicker or thin and professional, with the help of artificial extensions. And the most attractive thing is that installing extensions isn’t a long or tiring procedure at all and it’s highly affordable. You are done in half an hour without spending so much.

Be careful when it comes to taking off your eyelashes

Taking off your eyelash extensions at home isn’t a big deal at all and shouldn’t be considered scary but you must be very careful when performing this job. Don’t use premature techniques to pull out extensions at home. Eyelash extensions are attached to your original lashes through a strong adhesive. This glue is waterproof, can withstand soap and sweat and is very strong enough to come off. Since the technicalities involved in putting up the eyelashes are quite many, it is always recommended to go to a professional technician to remove them. But sometimes it’s not possible to leave your house and you have to do everything on your own.

At-home Eyelash Extensions Removal Procedures

Use Steam to remove
Start off with washing your face properly to remove any grime and dust around your eyes.
Take a bowl of water and boil it to form steam.
Put your face above the bowl with steaming hot water. Be careful to avoid your distance to avoid any injuries.
Cover your head with a large towel to avoid the steam from escaping the bowl.
Keep taking the steam for a good 20 minutes. The steam will help melt the glue and the bonds will start getting loose. This will help to pull off the eyelash extensions, quite easily.

Olive Oil Removal Procedure
Take a cotton ball and dip it in some olive oil.
Take the dipped ball and gently scrub it on your upper and lower lashes.
Do it in a way to avoid any oil from entering into your eyes.
Olive oil will make your eyelash extensions wet and will give them a slip that will make them come off easily.


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